Our Manager Tara always has some extra cuddles for our upfront guests.Hugs are always available!Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye….

Allyson having some cuddles

Aixa can be found like this daily.

Logan loves all the munchkins on his lap (So does Nick, Jimmy, Matt, Gio, & Anthony!)

Santa comes yearly for pictures and to raise money for local shelters. Tara is always there to greet everyone with a smile Angela is one of the most loving people we know.

award2015adfIt is our mission to enrich the lives of our clients by providing a happy, fun and safe environment. We want to provide the best Dog Care services for our community.

We at the Social Hound are proud to say that as a team, we have created an ultra clean, modern and safe place to care for your pets both in a daycare capacity as well as for overnight stays.