Socialization and exercise are essential to your dog’s overall health and well-being. We offer supervised off-leash dog play, which allows your dog to unleash pent up energy, leaving them happy and tired by pick up time.

Our attentive and caring staff supervises all activities, which are designed to develop and reinforce social skills and manners. Your dog will be selected to play in a size specific playgroup.

Dogs play, run and jump on impact friendly K9Grass™  which is easy on your dog’s joints and paws.

How To Become A Social Hound
Our dog boarding facility on Long Island was specifically designed for your dog and is the ultimate happy, fun and safe indoor dog park.

Why Your Dog Needs Daycare

Use daycare days as often as you decide your dog needs:
• Daycare packages can be shared between all the dogs in your household
• We suggest at least one to three days a week to keep your dog healthy and happy

(All Daycare packages expire six months from the date of purchase)

Hours of Operation

M-F 6:30 am-7:00 pm (Closing) Sat/Sun 9:00 am-5:00 pm (We ask that you pick up 30 min prior to closing so we can get our boarders tucked away)

To ensure your dog a place in daycare, we strongly encourage weekly reservations. For the safety of our clients, daycare space is limited. All social hounds will be picked up by 6:30 pm. A late charge of $10 will be incurred after 7:00 pm. Any dogs not picked up by 7:00 pm, with no call will be checked into our hotel for a night at parents’ expense.