It is common knowledge that regular exercise is beneficial to our health. And while you probably take your dog for short strolls in order to let him relieve himself, you may be overlooking the fact your dog needs regular exercise as well. When you take your dog to our Long Island doggy day care, he will benefit from the exercise he gets.bb2aff4eeee6168d30c46fe48c1c4b86

Exercise is as good for dogs as it is for humans. Regular exercise will leave your dog healthy, limber and agile. An overweight dog is an unhealthy dog, so keep your dog on a healthy diet and ensure he is getting plenty of exercise. Regular exercise is beneficial to your dog’s digestive system and keeps him from suffering constipation.

When your dog is at our pet facility and gets to run around and play with the other dogs, it will reduce and could even eliminate your pet’s destructive behaviour. This means you will see a reduction in chewing, digging and scratching. Your dog is very much like a small child, when given something constructive to do, they tend to act out much less. Your dog builds up a lot of energy when lying around all day doing nothing, this can lead to hyperactivity. A good walk will leave your dog relaxed and sleepy rather than restless. In addition, a dog that gets enough exercise is a dog that doesn’t bark and whine for attention as much, which is a relief on your ears.

So go ahead and give us a call and schedule a time your dog can visit our dog daycare facility.