Being the parent of a puppy or dog is a very awesome thing. However, it poses a challenge when you have to consider what is the best thing to do to keep him happy when you are not around. There are any number of reasons you are away from home for extended hours during the day and need to drop Fido off our doggy day care in Long Island.

While we are quite sure you have epic adventures with your dog every weekend, during the week you are stuck in an office for the bulk of the day. If this is the case, let a doggy day care entertain your dog.

You have been planning a day trip for weeks and the time has finally arrived. It is a shame your can’t take Fido with you. If you weren’t able to find a friend to keep an eye on him then give your Long Island hotel for dogs a call.

Over the course of life, from time to time things will come up that require you to leave suddenly. It is when these emergencies pop up that you can drop Fido off at a dog boarding facility.

When you are away, your dog will enjoy the new friend he will meet, they will play tag for hours before enjoying a healthy meal and comfortable, clean bed. In fact, he might have such a good time it might be difficult getting him to leave! If you need the services of a doggy day care, give us a call.