There is a reason we call our dogs “man’s best friend,” because for many of us, our canine companions are much more than mere pets, they are very important members of our family, our “fur babies” if you will. The pet care industry reflects this love we have for our dogs as Americans spend over three trillion dollars every year just on services for our pets. And what better way to show Fido some affection than to pamper him as often as you can. Here are some ways.

Of course, the best way to pamper your dog is by taking him to the best hotel for dogs in Long Island when you leave for a trip. Our hotel for dogs was created to offer Fido a serene and clean environment outfitted with cozy beds for him to enjoy while you are away. You will travel at ease knowing Fido is enjoying his boarding experience and Fido will love his new companions and tasty treats.

When you return, plan on spending some quality time with your dog, this is the best way to pamper him. Plan activities that have him in mind, like exploring the outdoors and making homemade dog treats. You can even check out the local restaurants that have outdoor seating and welcome dogs.

And at the end of the day, dress Fido in his favorite cotton shirt and watch Old Yeller or perhaps a few episodes of Lassie before he retires to his luxury dog bed and dreams about chasing rabbits.