You are finally taking that long awaited trip to Jamaica, but before you set sail for a week of sun and fun on that island paradise, you need to overcome your deep-seated feelings of guilt and discover Long Island dog boarding for your beloved dog. You glance over at Fido and his demeanor has abruptly changed from happy to miserable as if he has read your mind and knows what is in store for him. But what he does not know is that you plan on boarding him at the top dog hotel in the area, you are planning on calling The Social boarding

You decide to take Fido for a walk and have a frank discussion about his stay at this fine dog boarding facility.

As you and Fido walk the park, you tell him about how all the guests at the dog hotel start the day with breakfast, fresh water and a walk in the indoor park so he can stretch his legs and take care of business. While he is busy with his duties and socializing with the other guests, his suite will be cleaned and refreshed. You noticed a slight smile on Fido’s face when you mentioned the word suite, he is now visualizing this place of luxury.

You then explain to Fido that throughout the day he will be socializing with other guests, interacting with loving staff members and doing pretty much whatever he wants.

You then tell him that in the evening, he will be fed dinner, returned to the dog park and then tucked into bed for the night.

Fido then turns to you and asks why you don’t take vacations more often.