1. You Have to Find Dog Boarding in Long Island Before Vacationing

    You might have those moments when you wonder why you decided to get a dog. Like the times when Fido messes on the carpet or you have to find dog boarding in Long Island before vacationing. But these are just minor inconveniences that in no way take away from the joys of owning a dog. But if you are staring down Fido at this very moment because he just chewed up your favorite pair of red pumps, con…Read More

  2. Overcome Your Deep-Seated Feelings of Guilt and Discover Long Island Dog Boarding for Your Beloved Dog

    You are finally taking that long awaited trip to Jamaica, but before you set sail for a week of sun and fun on that island paradise, you need to overcome your deep-seated feelings of guilt and discover Long Island dog boarding for your beloved dog. You glance over at Fido and his demeanor has abruptly changed from happy to miserable as if he has read your mind and knows what is in store for him. B…Read More