You might have those moments when you wonder why you decided to get a dog. Like the times when Fido messes on the carpet or you have to find dog boarding in Long Island before vacationing. But these are just minor inconveniences that in no way take away from the joys of owning a dog. But if you are staring down Fido at this very moment because he just chewed up your favorite pair of red pumps, consider the many benefits of owning a dog.

Stay Healthy

We are ar war with germs, using any method we can find to destroy all the bad germs and we won’t stop until we have killed them all. But in our quest to keep everything free from germs, we are actually making ourselves sicker. Since our bodies are exposed to fewer germs, we never have a chance to build up immunities to them. Thankfully, Fido is full of germs which he exposes to us and , in turn, we build up immunities and suffer fewer

Improved Social Life

Haven’t met anybody new lately? Then you might be interested to know that people are more likely to stop and talk to you if you are walking a dog. That’s right, Fido is a chick magnet and you can thank him if you meet someone and get a date.

Less Stressed

There have been multiple studies that show dogs decrease levels of stress. Playing with Fido, petting Fido or even simply watching him lick himself can reduce stress levels.

dog6More Exercise

Owning a dog gives you more motivation to get outside and exercise. Even on those days when you feel like a couch potato, Fido still needs to go for a walk. Watching him standing by the door looking pathetic is enough to get you off your bum and spring into action.

Less Depressed

Owning a dog is good for your mental health as well. Studies show that dog owners are less likely to be depressed. Fido encourages you to stay positive.

So as you are cleaning your bed after Fido barfed on it, just keep in mind the many benefits you enjoy owning a dog.